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Case studies 2

Ultra-low energy consumption and energy-independent sensor with solar cell dome.

Registered design

Model B

Registered design
No need to bother any longer about where the indoor sensor is positioned or from where the light is arriving to power it. With this very small and energy-independent device, you will be able to control different home | office | gardening automation solutions, without the hassle of the maintenance (i.e. no need for battery replacement ever). With the digital-twin every data set can be easily monitored remotely and thanks to the blockchain data storage can provide absolute data, also for business certifications purpose.
Sector Home automation, Outdoor automation, Office automation
Main features 360° solar cell dome (registered design), energy independency, ultra-low power data collection and sharing, BLE | LoRa | LEO data transmission, digital-twin, blockchain data
Collected data Air humidity | temperature, amount of light (lux) and spectrum (from UV to IR), presence detection
Added value Maintenance-free, no limits in terms of indoor/outdoor usage, absolute data thanks to blockchain storage, long lasting device