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Case studies 3

Advanced all-in-one, wireless, batteryless preservation and protection solution for precious artworks.

Patent pending

Model C

Patent pending
Thanks to this invisible and fully integrated solution within the artwork case, you can remotely monitor all the key preservation parameters, without the need of any external power supply or wiring. The solution is also detecting and warning if someone tries to touch or remove the protection case. With the digital-twin every data set can be easily monitored remotely and thanks to the blockchain data storage can provide absolute data, also for business certifications purpose (i.e. insurance).
Case designed by Theke. Artwork: Biamco by Luigi Manciocco
Sector Museum, private art collection
Main features Energy independency, ultra-low power data collection and sharing, bi-polar ionizer (ozone free), LoRa data transmission, digital-twin, blockchain data, attempted removal and vandalism detection, presence detection, data-logger mode, digital signature
Collected data Air humidity, temperature within the case, amount of light (lux) and spectrum (from UV to IR), presence, case movements
Added value All-in-one preservation and protection solution for precious artworks